Equipping Communities & Families

An informed, educated, and properly equipped community is essential to community resiliency. The same principles hold true for our military and veteran families.

Aside from holding community events that provide educational tips on how to prepare for crisis or disasters, we work with communities and Veterans across the country on how to establish qualified and trained Veterans, who are in your local community, to respond to your emergency needs when your First Responder crews are tapped.

FD1 Color-MediumBring the Veterans Rapid Response Task Force to your community. The VRRTF Program is designed to train student veterans in a community-based service that will aid your community Fire District in assisting and educating the community and individuals in fall prevention, safety, an local hazards. The participants will also aid aging veterans and community members in getting connected to resources.
Piloted in Snohomish Country and known as the Verdant for Veterans Program, VRRTF focuses on ADVOCACY, EDUCATION & EMPOWERMENT, PREVENTION, AND ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE SERVICES using vetted, trained and highly qualified Veterans from your community.



dmp-logoFortify Disaster Relief in Your Community with Veterans: 20,000 9-1-1 calls per hour were placed during Superstorm Sandy, many of which went unanswered due to overwhelmed, stretched-thin emergency response agencies unable to deal with the massive numbers of requests for help.

It is the likelihood of such a catastrophic, overwhelming event occurring in many communities across America, whether natural, e.g. hurricanes, blizzards or earthquake or man-made, e.g. transportation accidents, wildfires or terrorism paired with the inability of even the best plans and systems to respond, that drove the Disaster Medicine Project to the drawing board.

The DMP is an OMFC program dedicated to strengthening local disaster readiness/resilience and community self-reliance through a wide range of outreach collaborations aimed at augmenting emergency response capabilities with local Veterans who are fully trained in disaster response.

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Mission43 unites the nation’s best veterans programs to build strong communities in Idaho. As a strategic partner, OMF Cares is the leading trainer for faculty and staff throughout Idaho’s institutions of higher education.

Mission43 is a partnership of J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation and premier veterans organizations designed to give post 9/11 veterans from Idaho, the 43rd state, the resources for personal growth and the opportunities to contribute in the community.

By bringing together these world-class organizations for veterans, Idaho’s post-911 service men and women have the resources and environment to excel professionally, mentally, physically and socially so they can lead, learn and inspire.

This same model can be brought to your state. Email Mike at mschindler@omfcares.org or call 206-795-5890.

We work close with Fire Districts on establishing Veteran Task Forces that aid their efforts in community-related issues. Check out this cool project and then ping us to learn how you can get involved or deploy this project in your community.