Combating Homelessness


Our goal is to help you avoid homelessness, period. We do this by connecting you with experts that will help you achieve EMPLOYMENT, FINANCIAL STABILITY, and HOMEOWNERSHIP.


Need A Job? Getting the right viable job, or what we prefer to say, “Finding your next mission” is a critical component to your success and peace of mind.

If you are in need of a “new mission,” visit our friends at RECRUIT MILITARY. This highly successful company, led by Veterans, connects high quality Veteran talent with employers. Visit them today.

Need Talent? One of the critical keys to having a successful company is having successful people onboard. If you need highly qualified talent, consider visiting RECRUIT MILITARY or contact our team if you are in the Seattle area and we can discuss our one day training and recruiting event, Operation Career Boost.



Getting your finances in order is mission critical as you become a contributing member to the civilian sector. Learn how to plan accordingly for today and properly plan for tomorrow by visiting our partners at THRIVENT FINANCIAL.

OMF has also teamed up with This is Bank of America’s free, objective and available to all financial education resource, which was developed in partnership with the Khan Academy.  It delivers easy-to-understand information on a wide range of personal finance topics, and can be used by individuals and by financial educators as a source of interactive content that can enhance existing efforts. If you want to get this part of your life in order, let us know, and we’ll get you in touch with a qualified representative that can help.



The American dream is to own a home…or at least it used to be. For some – and perhaps for you – it may still be. But there is more to homeownership than just finding an agent and getting a loan.

We will help you find an agent who also wore the uniform and is committed to helping you find the right home and the right loan.

If you don’t qualify yet – that’s okay. We won’t forget you. We’ll actually put you on a plan to achieve homeownership. And once you get in your home, we’ll help you find services that will help you keep that home in top order. To learn more, give us a shout-out.

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