The Book

Operation Military Family: How Military Couples are Fighting to Preserve Their Marriages follows several families through their emotions, struggles, and victories prior to deployment, throughout deployment and then life together back home. These couples share how they overcome many of the challenges they faced transitioning from civilian life to military life and then back to civilian life. Chock with up-to-date resources, relationship skill-building techniques, Operation Military Family is a must-have for service members and their families who are looking for a true to life road map on how other couples strengthened their marriages, despite the odds. Perfect for multiple-deploying and recently discharged couples as well.

All proceeds from this book go directly to serving the veterans in our communities.


“I am confident that the resources you and your staff provide will be key in the wellness and treatment of our Soldiers and Families. In addition, I want to thank you for your dedication and support to our Army. It is greatly appreciated.”

–Pete Chiarelli, General, U.S. Army

“Your book is exactly spot on and I know is a gold mine for soon to be deploying families. I am going on my third deployment and your book sparked new considerations I had not previously thought of thanks.”

–Joe DiSalvo, Brigadier General, U.S. Army

“Never in the history of the United States has the senior military leadership paid more attention to families, including the saving and strengthening of military marriages. Operation Military Family will serve as a great tool, in support of these efforts, for the dedicated families of our military, all being stretched by the challenges of multiple deployments and frequent moves. Whether active duty, National Guard or Reserve, the family issues are similar and this book should be a ready resource for all. I will be recommending it to military families, commanders, chaplains, civilian religious leaders and anyone interested in supporting our great military families!”

–Chaplain Mack Griffith, Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve Command